Courtney Troullos

Courtney_TroullosDirector, Props and Production Team

Courtney has been part of the RSOPA Theatre Group since it debuted in 2006 with its opening performance of Seussical The Musical after performing with the group for a couple of years, studying took over and Courtney began helping backstage at the performances, still determined to be part of the group. RSOPA Theatre Group introduced Courtney to the bizarre world of directing and backstage work and she loved it. Courtney began directing with the companies first play Brokenville and then began directing the junior company. More recently in 2012 Courtney completed her Subsidiary Award in Stage Management which she put into practice straight away with RSOPA Theatre Group now alongside directing she is acting as Deputy Stage Manager for the company, which involves prop hunting and making, and working alongside the production team in the theatre to assist put on the marvel of shows and talent that you see! Courtney is so grateful to be part of such a unique group and to have grown through the company every year providing her with new challenges and teaches her new skills.