Why choose RSOPA?

Here’s some of the reasons why we are different to other performing arts schools and why we think you should stick with RSOPA:

  • We guarantee your child is our main priority – we don’t focus on the school’s overall success but on the achievement of each of our students.
  • We have the free online calender to keep you in the know and help you stay on top of organising your child’s classes. There’s no need to ‘check the notice board’ to find out information, it’s all accessible from your computer or you can download the app to your phone!
  • We value your service and so hold free family days like no other Performing school in Worthing.
  • We have our own Theatre Company producing high standard shows as well as the informal ‘CELEBRATE’ show for all students that wish to take part, once a year.
  • No other local school has a theatre company with a production company that is dedicated to ensuring we put on the highest quality of productions for our students. It also showcases the talent of young crew studying within theatre production, giving them the opportunity to gain some valuable experience.
  • We hold free OPEN DAYS and the 6 weekly opportunity to talk to staff and teachers face to face, no other school offers this service.
  • RSOPA ensures all its staff are fully trained and updated in Health & Safety, Regulation qualifications and first aid.
  • All staff are Fully CRB cleared and Insured.
  • Our programme is unique to your child’s needs and your budget.
  • We believe in praise and in helping each student to achieve their best.
  • We have options to suit all levels of training.

Most importantly…

  • RSOPA encourages a supportive, fun and friendly environment amongst students and staff. We believe this gives RSOPA it’s family feel and strong community spirit.